Chalice and Paten Sets

After making a set as a gift for our awesome local vicar Steven, I have been bombarded with requests so an expansion into ecclesiastical ware!

Yarn Bowls

A great present for a knitter or crochet artist, these colourful bowls keep the wool tidy and look great in your studio or living room.

Large Fruit or Serving bowls

These make a fabulous centre piece for a coffee table or dinner party display. Thrown in stoneware, these bowls are decorated with oxides and glazed in a white tin glaze.

Elephant March

Elephant march - inspired by my time working in India, these large bowls are made by indenting an India woodblock elephant in to the clay, the detail picked out with cobalt oxide.

Christmas Decorations

Angels, snowflakes and stars. These lovely decorations were made by rolling lace into stoneware clay, glazed with a white tin glaze and of course hang on a purple ribbon!

Noodle bowls

Inspired by my travels through South East Asia these noodle or rice bowls look great on the dinner party table. Thrown in stoneware they are available in a variety of glazes.

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