Sauce dishes

Little dishes perfect for salt or pepper, soya sauce or even a discarded tea bag! These have been made using indian woodblocks to create the texture and glazed in a variety of colours.

Little bowls

I loved making these little bowls, thrown in larva fleck which is one of my favourite clays. The fleck pops through the glazing and reacts causing flecks and streaks.


I am experimenting using different clays, Indian woodblocks, oxides and glazes on these platters, two of these on the elephant march theme.

Napkin Rings

If you look carefully you will realise these napkin rings are like the handles on my mugs. I have made them using extruded clay and glazed in a range of colours.

Stow Coasters

I am proud Stow girl, not born and bred but not quite nouveau either as I have lived here for 27 years! Great Christmas stocking fillers!

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